Running a Node
Local Machine

Running a Local Polaris Ethereum Cosmos-SDK Chain

Running a Local Polaris Ethereum Cosmos-SDK Chain

From Binary

The easiest way to install a Cosmos-SDK Blockchain running Polaris Ethereum is to download a pre-built binary. You can find the latest binaries on the releases (opens in a new tab) page.

From Source

Step 1: Install Golang & Foundry

Go v1.20+ or higher is required for Polaris Ethereum

  1. Install Go 1.20+ from the official site (opens in a new tab) or the method of your choice. Ensure that your GOPATH and GOBIN environment variables are properly set up by using the following commands:

    For Ubuntu:

    cd $HOME
    sudo apt-get install golang -y
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
    export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin

    For Mac:

    cd $HOME
    brew install go
    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/homebrew/bin/go
    export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin
  2. Confirm your Go installation by checking the version:

    go version

Foundry (opens in a new tab) is required for Polaris Ethereum

  1. Install Foundry:

    curl -L | bash

Step 2: Get Polaris Ethereum source code

Clone the polaris repo from the official repo (opens in a new tab) and check out the main branch for the latest stable release. Build the binary.

cd $HOME
git clone
cd polaris
git checkout main
go run magefiles/setup/setup.go

Step 3: Build the Node Software

Run the following command to install polard to your GOPATH and build the node. polard is the node daemon and CLI for interacting with a polaris node.

mage cosmos:install

Step 4: Verify your installation

Verify your installation with the following command:

polard version --long

A successful installation will return the following:

name: berachain
server_name: polard
version: <x.x.x>
commit: <Commit hash>
build_tags: netgo,ledger
go: go version go1.20.4 darwin/amd64

Running a Local Network

After ensuring dependecies are installed correctly, run the following command to start a local development network.

mage start