EVM with Polaris Ethereum

Polaris Ethereum offers an improved EVM experience that goes beyond the basic implementation of Ethereum. In addition to the reliable and consistent Ethereum functionality, Polaris Ethereum offers developers the creation of stateful precompiles & custom modules that developers can use to create more efficient and powerful smart contracts.

Additional Features

The Polaris Ethereum offers several additional features to enhance the EVM experience, including stateful precompiles, and custom opcodes. In this documentation we will discuss these features in the context of a Cosmos-SDK based chain.

Stateful Precompiles

Stateful precompiles are precompiled contracts that can alter state on the chain, enabling more efficient stateful operations at a lower gas cost. The Precompiles section provides a more detailed explanation of how Polaris Ethereum uses these precompiled contracts.

Custom Opcodes

Custom opcodes have been added to Polaris' EVM implementation to provide additional functionality and support for complex smart contracts. However, some of the opcodes provided by Ethereum are not compatible with Polaris' EVM implementation, which may affect contracts that use these opcodes. The Opcode Documentation provides information on these changes.