For Frontend Developers
Available Tools

Available Tools

There are a number of available tools for frontend dApp developers building on Polaris Ethereum. Being an EVM compatible chain, it's tool set is interoperable with the broader EVM ecosystem. Here are a few of the tools available for Polaris Ethereum:

wagmi (opens in a new tab) is a collection of hooks and helpers for rapidly developing evm frontend dApps. It provides out of the box wallet connection, data caching, and persistence.

Web3React & Ethers.js

Web3React (opens in a new tab) is a lightweight framework for creating Ethereum dApps with React. It provides a simple interface for connecting to Ethereum wallets as well as some useful hooks for managing providers and accounts. When combined with ethers.js (opens in a new tab), It provides a highly customizable tool set for building lightweight dApps.


To highlight the improved user experience Polaris Ethereum's Stateful Precompiles provide when interacting with cosmos modules, we have created a simple example staking dApp that shows developers the simplicity this technology provides. To view how to use to delegate tokens, check out the Staking dApp example