Polaris Overview

Getting started with Polaris Ethereum

This guide details the process of setting up Polaris Ethereum and executing basic tasks through the command line interface. To utilize Polaris Ethereum, the software must first be installed, which can be done in various ways depending on the preferred installation method and operating system. For instance, Polaris Ethereum can be installed through a package manager, container, or building from source. Instructions for installing Polaris Ethereum can be found on the relevant "Install and Build" pages.

To function as a fully fledged Ethereum Virtual Machine, Polaris Ethereum must be integrating into a compatible host. This tutorial assumes that Polaris Ethereum has been integrated into a Cosmos-SDK based chain with the JSON-RPC running on (opens in a new tab).

The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on the fundamentals of using Polaris Ethereum, which includes generating accounts, joining a network, syncing the blockchain, transferring tokens between accounts, and executing smart contracts. To carry out these tasks, this tutorial uses the Cosmos SDK keychain, which is an account management tool that enables users to sign transactions.