For Solidity Developers
Smart Contract Development Overview

Launching Your Smart Contracts on Polaris Ethereum

The Purpose of this section is to provide information that will help you launch your smart contracts on Polaris Ethereum. You will read how to use various EVM development tools with Polaris Ethereum along with examples. We will show you how to connect to the network, how to use your existing projects on Polaris Ethereum, as well as any additional information relating to Polaris Ethereum's new features.

Polaris Ethereum EVM

Polaris' EVM is designed to be as interoperable with go-ethereum as possible, which means that any tool that works with Geth (opens in a new tab) can also be used to interact with Polaris Ethereum. The EVM is still responsible for executing Solidity smart contracts and managing the chain's data structures and blocks. By using CometBFT's consensus protocol and the Cosmos-SDK, Polaris Ethereum is able to access Cosmos-SDK properties through precompiles, while also remaining compatible with all Ethereum Solidity smart contracts.

It's important to note that Polaris' EVM is interoperable with its Cosmos-SDK Application Layer. This means that Smart Contract Developers have access to base Cosmos-SDK modules through the EVM. With this new feature, developers can access Cosmos features like on-chain governance, the IBC protocol, and various other Cosmos-SDK modules.

From the perspective of a Smart Contract, it will run in the same way as it would on Ethereum, but with additional contract addresses that provide access to the chain's Cosmos-SDK modules.

Interacting With Stateful Precompiles

Polaris Ethereum's Stateful Precompiles can be interacted with like any other contract deployed on the EVM in Solidity. All you need is a contract address and an ABI which you can find here.

For an example contract that interacts with Polaris Ethereum's staking precompile you can reference our Liquid Staking Example (opens in a new tab).

Accessing Polaris' EVM

Running a local Polaris Ethereum Development environment

For a guide on how to run a local development environment, please refer to the Local Machine section.

Smart Contract Development

There are various existing tools that can be used for smart contract development. Below are some of the most popular tools that can be used to develop smart contracts on Polaris Ethereum.


Information on building smart contracts with Foundry on Polaris Ethereum can be found here.

Using Metamask with Polaris Ethereum

Information about using Metamask with Polaris Ethereum can be found here.

Using Keplr with Polaris Ethereum

Information about using Keplr with Polaris Ethereum can be found here.

Polaris Ethereum Block Explorer

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Polaris Ethereum Faucet

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