Welcome to Polaris Ethereum

Polaris introduces the new standard of intergrating EVM into your blockchain project. With improvements to speed, security, reliability, and an extended set of features, Polaris will be able to support the next generation of decentralized applications while offering a compelling alternative to existing implementations.

Polaris Ethereum is a blockchain framework built on top of the Cosmos SDK that offers a full-featured EVM with full interoperability to the Cosmos ecosystem. It achieves this through the use of various Stateful Precompiles built into the chain that act as gateways to the greater Cosmos framework. This allows EVM users to perform Cosmos native operations such as voting on governance, delegating to validators, and even communicating with other chains through IBC. This design allows us to maintain the native EVM user experience without sacrifices, providing true interoperability between the Cosmos ecosystem and EVM.

Apart from Polaris Ethereum's focus on interoperability, it also offers a number of other improvements over existing EVM implementation such as :

  • Improved performance when executing common transactions
  • Enhanced Mempool implementation
  • Optimized storage model
  • Reliability improvements for JSON-RPC Providers what we offer

Overall, Polaris Ethereum is a powerful new framework for developers and users to enjoy. Its seamless integration with other Cosmos chains and robust EVM support make it a promising platform for building decentralized applications and unlocks new use cases for blockchain technology.