Polaris Ethereum JSON-RPC

The Polaris Ethereum API is accessible through JSON-RPC, a lightweight protocol for transmitting data over the internet. This protocol enables developers to interact with the Polaris Ethereum blockchain and access a wide range of functionalities through a simple and standardized interface.

Through the Polaris Ethereum JSON-RPC endpoint, developers can access a variety of methods to create, modify, and interact with smart contracts, as well as retrieve blockchain data and monitor blockchain events in real-time.


eth Namespace

eth namespace can be found on Geth provides several extensions to the standard "eth" JSON-RPC namespace that are defined below.

net Namespace

The net API provides insight about the networking aspect of the client. The net namespace are defined below.

txpool Namespace

txpool API gives access to several non-standard RPC methods to inspect the contents of the transaction pool containing all the currently pending transactions as well as the ones queued for future processing. The txpool namespace are defined below.

debug Namespace

The debug API gives you access to several non-standard RPC methods, which will allow you to inspect, debug and set certain debugging flags during runtime. The debug namespace defintions are coming soon.


🚧 Full list of Methods Coming Soon 🚧