Stateful Precompile information

A Stateful Precompile is a precompiled contract that can alter chain state.

Precompile ContractContract AddressSolidity InterfaceAssociated Module
Staking Precompile0xd9A998CaC66092748FfEc7cFBD155Aae1737C2fFStaking.sol (opens in a new tab)Staking Module (opens in a new tab)
Multicall PrecompileComing soonmulticall.solEthereum Multicall (opens in a new tab)
Bank Precompile0x4381dC2aB14285160c808659aEe005D51255adD7Bank.sol (opens in a new tab)Bank Module (opens in a new tab)
IBC PrecompileComing soonibc.solIBC (opens in a new tab)
Governance Module Precompile0x7b5Fe22B5446f7C62Ea27B8BD71CeF94e03f3dF2Governance.sol (opens in a new tab)Governance Module (opens in a new tab)
Auth(z) Module Precompile0xBDF49C3C3882102fc017FFb661108c63a836D065Address.sol (opens in a new tab)Auth Module (opens in a new tab), Authz Module (opens in a new tab)
Distribution Module Precompile0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000069Distribution.sol (opens in a new tab)Distribution Module (opens in a new tab)
ERC20 Module Precompile0x0000000000000000000000000000000000696969ERC20Module.sol (opens in a new tab)ERC20 Module

Stateful Precompile ABI Generation

In order to generate the default stateful precompile ABIs You must first clone the Polaris Ethereum repository (opens in a new tab).

You can now run the following command to generate the ABIs:

mage generate

The ABI files can be found in the precompile/contracts/solidity/out directory. The generated files can be found in the precompile/contracts/solidity/generated directory.